Tailored solutions ready for channel interaction and media.

We have the key competences to comprehensively resolve any need of communication between our clients and theirs stakeholders.
The world is changing at vertiginous speed and with it the way we communicate. The key is to combine the different channels, media and support to create an effective and direct communication, and thus get a response influencing your target .
We optimize resources to achieve the desired image, contact her with your audience and achieve your goals.

We are a team that improves with talent and passion for our profession.

Brilliant people are what makes a company a good one. We are lucky enough to have a staff with both such a personal and professional level that make us proud. We get involved, your mission becomes our mission and the enthusiasm for each project makes a difference in our work.
Having specialists for each case is our second most important pillar. To have excellent people, add synergies , provide coherence and mastery of the whole process is one of the keys to success.

Our know-how in combining and using resources will help us to connect with your target.

Where should I explain what I do? Which is the best way to reach my audience ? Those are common questions among our clients and there is never an equal response. We bet on personalization and adaptation in each case.
We create strategies based on your goals and responding to your needs using the required resources. Each carrier, medium or channel has different advantages and disadvantages , thus to be efficient to obtain the most defines our strategic culture Because only together we’ll find ways to optimize their full potential.

System planning and temporal adaptation show the ideal route.

To set a calendar of actions for each project is crucial to control the timings and to accomplish the deadline with high quality result . However, to do so, it is even more important to be able to adapt to live changes.
Together with the client, we establish a system that shields us against unexpected events in order to manage them without affecting the final result. If you suffer from work overload, it takes you more than expected to gather all the material you need or to get the desired " OK"; don’t worry, we will help you to overcome any difficulties putting in all our effort on it.

We love what we do and this is shown in our work environment.

We offer adaptability, ingenuity and creativity at your strategy service. We add coordination and logic in the development and implementation of any project. Enjoy your magic potion to solve everything at our disposal.
We value the satisfaction of the process. We are excited to think that we leave tracks with our working style and we are moved when people with whom we are cooperating tell us they are comfortable with us.

To provide complete, customized and effective solutions.

Komunica Kit works to bridge the gap between how you see your organization and how you would like others to see it. You will always find the right answer in communication.
We use experience, expertise, enthusiasm, empathy, adaptability and customization to value the best of each client.
We are always loyal to our values : creativity to differentiate, passion to communicate, empathy to understand, simplicity to make everything easie, thoroughness to respond and determination to optimize.

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